2016: Manager of Daguzan Conseils Limited Liability Company. Brokerage, trading, sales agent, process control, sourcing, production consulting, and full–line supplier in natural stone.

2016–2009: President of SAS MDB société nouvelle, 21700 Magny les Villers. Operation of two quarries, processing, and trading in stone and marble. Company turnover approximately €1,000,000 p.a. Supplies for homes, foundations, of ces, hotels, casinos, and public administration buildings in Belgium, England, Austria, Sweden, Norway, Dubai, Macao, the United States, Canada… Supplies for retails centers, railroad stations, castles, homes, churches, stores, and hotels in France.

2004–2009: Export manager with responsibility for purchases and quality control for Société Marbres du Boulonnais. Foreign exploratory operations in Turkey, India, and Peru, including production process monitoring, cost optimizing, and technical expert reports for Cochard of Société AMMA.

1997–2004: Director of Rocomat plants in Corgoloin and Buxy, seven quarries, managing a staff of one hundred, turnover €5,300,000, awarded ISO 9001.

1989–1997: Director of the Rocomat Plant in Buxy, managing a staff of thirty people.

1987–1989: Engineer responsible for new Rocomat projects at the Corgoloin factory.